Bacon Bar Reviews



Porter S.

The good out weighed the bad. Name alone peaked my interest. Then I found out about the tv show Bar Rescue.  My wife, Fran,  and I like going to places "as seen on tv" and so we did for our 12th wedding anniversary. Upon entry from the northwest corner of the building we didnt even know there was a dining room, we were on the bar side with rooms divided by a large wall. We walked through the bar, noticed the dining side and were advised by a staff member that we could choose our seats. Fran ordered "Porky Pile" which according to websites is "Pulled pork, bacon, roasted pork loin, Alabama white BBQ sauce, tangy coleslaw and cheddar. Served in a brioche bun. Served with our in-house dill pickle and hand cut fries." Fran says the Alabama White BBQ Sauce was overwhelming to her. Having never had it before she couldn't tell if it  was just her or the sauce. Would she order it again? Toss a coin.I had a Bacon Sloppy Joe. Which is just that, a sloppy Joe served with bacon and onion strings.  This to me was absolutely delicious.  But, the bun to my Bacon Sloppy Joe did start to fall apart. The Bacon Sloppy Joe did live up to its name.Was the place clean? My wife placed her hand on the top of our very sticky table top. There were no dust bunnies hanging from the ceiling fans, but the kitchen equipment which you could see from our table looked to need some cleaning. Service was fine. Then our food arrived and we hardly saw our server again. She appeared to be the only server in the dining area. The manager, or who we believe was the manager was busy talking to only one guest.The decor of the place does not flow. There are several televisions to watch, if you like sports talk shows or soap operas without sound or subtitles. In closing, a bad joke. I have family and friends across the country who are law Enforcement officers . Who I love and respect very much. Two state police officers even had lunch here when we did. Where else can you see "pigs eating bacon" ?


Glenn C.

I am new to the Las Vegas area and I am beginning to establish my new "Go To" list of restaurants from the area. We had seen that the Bacon Bar had been on the "Bar Rescue" TV show. We figured we'd check this place out simply due to the novelty. That having been said, we will definitely be returning.As we walked in, we were immediately greeted and escorted to a table the waitress was very friendly and the service was great. She explained the menu and took our drink order. Before we knew it she had returned with our drinks and efficiently had our lunch order.My buddy had the Man Candy. This is a glass with strips of bacon, of course! It had syrup on the side to complement the bacon.I ordered the garlic bacon rolls and Bacon Lasagna. Both were flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing. The décor was fun and different.


Dev L.

I love this place. It doesn't pretend to be something that it's not. It's a BAR. It serves lots of bacon. Sometimes there's bacon in alcohol or on loaded potatoes and of course it's in Man Candy. The only way they could make this place better is to have an actual Bacon Bar, as in a little sampler or different types and flavors of bacon. Maple, hicory, applewood, smoked, baked, bacon-lovers know what I mean.


John M.

The pizza at bacon bar is a little known secret.  Excellent crust, fresh toppings.  Mixed crowd but great vibes


Kid C.

Been here numerous times and enjoy their Bloody Marys very much. I've only tried two out of four but found the "Whole Swine Yards" to be just my speed. The burgers and appetizers I've had have been very enjoyable but I've yet to try one of their pizzas.


Jay T.

Awkward entrance right into the bar area. No greeting from bartender. I had to find my own way. After walking in a little more, I noticed the dining area in the back and proceeded to head that way. Finally, I was acknowledged by an employee back there and got seated. I started with a "whole swine yards" Bloody Mary which is a classic BM with bacon. If you love BM's, this is the way to go. I wound up ordering another! I followed that with potato skins which were crispy and topped with cheese, chives and bacon. Finally, I ordered a create y/o burger with bacon, cheddar cheese and grilled onions. It was big, juicy and mouth watering. It was accompanied by French fries that were equally delicious. My only gripe about the food would be that the bacon is cooked to a crisp. I prefer it less crispy and more flexible.The server was helpful and courteous. I will definitely go back. The food and drinks are worth going back for. It's BACON for cryin' out loud!!!


Stacie F.

We went in at 1am upon recommendation from a friend and curiosity.  I am black and one concern was  black pple usually dont frequent there. Well I found the bartender very sweet and genuine. She was alone-was 1am Friday night not busy. I for her name but she was adorable, polite and knowledgable of menu. The "ManCandy" was awesome! A bit hard but the flavor was outstanding.  You could taste the infused Crown Roy with maple syrup. The breakfast burrito was huge, but no seasoning. Add salt pepper it was good the next day. Potato skins we average but they were fresh , hot, beautifully cooked/plated. Not a place I will return to, cuz not my thing,  but I think others should give it a try...get the Man Candy


Kenneth H.

I was here recently. Their Pizza is to die for. You definitely get the best bang for your buck. They also have candied bacon. If you don't know what that is, head out there to see for yourself. It's guaranteed to make any vegetarian feel guilty after they tried it.


Lacy C.

The kids each ordered the chicken strips meal and loved it! We tried the jalapeno poppers, man candy and bacon buns as appetizers. The man candy was a bit spicy for the kids but I loved it! My brother had the ultimate bacon cheeseburger and liked it a lot (minus the relish he didn't know was on it) and I had the Porky Pile (pictured) which was DELICIOUS!! We also tried two of their bloody Mary's which were okay. I prefer mine a bit spicier and my brother didn't care for the one with Bourbon. Their staff was super friendly and helpful and took the cost of the 2nd bloody Mary off our tab since he didn't drink it. Overall I would absolutely recommend this place and will come back next time I'm in town.


Cheri S.

Move to Denver?We stopped in on our way home from San Diego to Denver and we wish we had one of these in our area.  We got here at noon and the kids had the Chicken Nuggets and Fries, they said it was very good and they ate it all. My husband and I had the breakfast(Burrito & Slop) it was amazingly delicious and way too much, we have dinner for later. I want to suggest that our server, Cory (from Hawaii) gets a raise. He is an amazing young man who had me shocked on how he could remember all 5 tables, 16 peoples, orders. We all came in around 15 minutes of one another.   Thank you for the great Meal and we will be back next time we are in Vegas.


Ellen D.

The best Bloody I've ever had from New Jersey to Los Angeles. I thought Gladstone's in Malibu had the best until I tasted a Bloody Mary with bacon from here. Now let's talk about their Burgers. I will only eat rare Burgers and this is the only place where you can get a rare burger. Absolutely the best.


Elaine G.

Man candy is delicious with a little kick of spice. Our waiter Cory was amazing. He gave us great recommendations. The bacon jalapeño poppers were so good.


Greg A.

Great place to stop in for a beer or eat. They have a huge selection of beers on tap. Plus several arr buy one get one free. The bartender and waiter really know the beers. I would recommend this for anyone.


AllYson S.

6 people in here and it took 15 minutes to get a Bloody Mary.. this place is going down hill, bad!! Last time I was here my chic fingers came out FREEZING and her excuse was the cool didn't put them completely under the heats lamp. Bad. Unless you're a guy for the bartender to flirt with or know the waitress expect to wait for EVERYTHING! Menu, drinks, food.. even when it's waiting on the bar mWe've made this our Saturday and/or Sunday snack spot. Grab a Bloody and some poppers and man candy (both always good!) before enjoying our day off.  My man gets the hemperor and I get the reg Bloody or the fruli (deff my fav beer). Only complaints is the bacon slice in the Bloody is alwasooooo crispy, this past weekend it was practically burned, not good at all! I haven't tried the other bloody Mary's but the reg is nothing special, you know what to expect with a Bloody Mary


Kristal C.

When you get 2 orders of biscuits to go and you get home. But find both orders the biscuits are dry and burnt. How can a cook not see that? How can you be okay with giving that out to a customer‍


Corrina R.

The Bacon Bar!! Yes I was thinking there would be more bacon options but it is a small great  simple menu. Wanna say that the pizza was amazing!! My son is asPicky as a six year can be and he couldn't stopEating it.  With that there's no kids menu or Kids cups. So if you want a cup with lid you'll have to ask for a huge to go cup for the kiddos!! I had the bacon cheeseburger. It was stuffed with chips, bacon, a sauce and a ton of relish. I like relish but it was kind of over powering. Maybe only applying it on one bun. The beef was delicious though. It was fresh and had simple delicious taste. My husband got the chicken fried steak wrapped in bacon drenched in gravy. He said it was really good. He did say there was a lot of bacon, but not like he was gonna complain about to much bacon!! We came here after looking at yelp and it said it is kid friendly. Although you can have kids in there it's attached to a bar which causes it to smell like cigarettes. I don't like to eat with cigs smoke. With that if you enter through the north door you will have to walk through the bar to get to the dining area. If you bring Kids enter through the south door. The dining area was open but kind of dark and some of the furniture is run down but clean!! You can see the kitchen from the dining area which always makes me feel better. I can see if the cooks have dirty habits while Preparing my food. The wait staff was nice. Our waitress said it was her first day she seemed to be doing a great job considering it was her first day!! If we eat here again it will be to go!!


C L.

I believe I've only giving a 5 star review once maybe ?Anyways this place defiantly get it. Amazing, awesome and everything I could ask for. I don't recall our waitresses name but she was absolutely fantastic. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable ect ect. She deserves a raise or a management position here. I tried the Man Candy. Awesome. Had the PB&J Bacon burger. AmazingIt was 2 for 1 on the raspberry wheat they had on tap. Again amazing.


Eric M.

First time at the Bacon Bar, I've driven by it for years and finally stopped in.  The beer list is quite extensive, I had some kind of Porter, it was delicious.  For food I ordered the bacon lasagna, this stuff was incredible.  A very large portion with bacon layered on the top under tomato sauce.  The portion was so large I couldn't finish it.The bacon bar was not crowded, however the patrons that were there seemed to be enjoying themselves.  There is ample parking in a well lit parking lot on the north side and south side.  The bathroom was clean and well lit.  The server was good, a little slow on the service, but good nonetheless.  She was friendly and talkative.The bacon bar is a must visit if you're ever in the northwest part of Las Vegas.


Toni M.

Service was terrible unless you are a regular. I waited over 30 minutes to get my food and the place was not very crowded. I then waited 10 minutes for the waitress to come take my money. Again, she was too busy talking to the regulars to wait on new comers. The food was okay, not great. Had a build your own burger. By the time you add cheese to it you might as well have gotten one of the specialty burgers for the price you pay.Ordered an upgrade to the onion rings. I thought they were supposed to be bacon wrapped. Mine were regular rings that tasted like they were dumped out of a freezer bag.A friend recommended this place, but I'm not sure why. The breakfasts looked good. Maybe I should have tried that but I doubt I'll ever be back.


Tony V.

Bacon is great, burgers are massive and good quality beef. Amy is a magnificent waitress. tip her well.