Corn salad with bacon and pine nuts

Let's start with the section Salads.
I love salads. In every form! Whether as leaf salad, potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, couscous salad, bulgur salad, lentil salad, etc., etc.
I actually eat some kind of salad every day. Most of the time I just cut different leafy lettuce and then what I've just got there: tomatoes, mini peppers, feta cheese, cucumber, mozzarella, avocado, corn, etc. In addition a vinaigrette - yummie!
But there are And a few classics that I always make the same.
And this clearly belongs to this lamb's lettuce with bacon and pine nuts:

1 pack of bacon cubes Fry until crispy brown in the pan without frying, then drain on kitchen paper.
Wipe out the pan briefly with kitchen paper and roast a handful of pine nuts in the rest of the heat. div
About 100-150 g fresh corn salad (I always buy the self-service, not packaged) from the root tips and wash thoroughly.
1 Wash hand and cherry tomatoes
1 splash balsam mix , some salt (the bacon is usually salty enough) and freshly ground pepper . mix well and serve soon.
A very tasty, fast made combo!