From Hot Milk Sponge Cake to Strawberry Shortcake - and a new roommate

The standard cake recipe has been in my family for years. Once the strawberry season starts, there will be no stopping and every family reunion will have the same cake. And no, that's anything but boring, just because this cake is so incredibly delicious.
My granny bakes an original Hot Milk Sponge Cake on the tin as a basis. The cake is absolutely delicious, but the icing on the cake is a cream of mascarpone and cream and a topping of fresh, sweet strawberries. To the kneel down.
Unfortunately I have never asked my grandmother for the recipe for the Sponge Cake and therefore experimented with it myself. The result is a strawberry shortcake that at least vaguely resembles our family cake.

Strawberry Shortcake made from Hot Milk Sponge Cake

500 g strawberries clean, remove the green and slice the strawberries. Lightly sugar if necessary.
For the Hot Milk Sponge Cake 4 eggs whisk creamy. Add 200 g sugar and stir until creamy, stir in .
250 ml milk bring to a boil in a small saucepan and then remove from the heat. Slowly but steadily stir the still hot milk under the egg mixture.
250 g of flour with 1 Tl tartar tartar powder mix and sift on the dough. Stir in briefly.
Bake the dough in a greased and floured springform (26 cm diameter) and bake at 175 ° C for about 25-30 minutes. div>
Allow to cool slightly in the mold, then loosen the springform pan and allow the cake to cool completely.
For the cream Beat 200g of whipped cream stiff.
In another bowl 200g mascarpone with about 70g powdered sugar beat creamy. Carefully stir in the cream.
Halve the cooled cake horizontally. Coat the bottom half with about 1/3 of the cream and cover with strawberry slices. Put the upper half of the cake on top, spread the remaining cream on it and cover with the remaining strawberries.
As you can see, the dough is unfortunately remained quite sooty and not as airy and relaxed as it should be.
This may be due to the recipe, but certainly also on my broken oven, which can only bake with convection/div>
Since I live for a year with this broken oven and since then can not bake bread or pizza (unfortunately my top heat just burned in a pizza session in the bucket), I had now just shut up.
And when I happened to see a great deal on Friday afternoon (because B logger did not work, I had to deal with something else), I drove off right on Friday afternoon and got a new stove! Finally!
He is nothing special, a normal built-in oven with ceramic hob without much Schischi or bells and whistles, but at least u.a. 3D hot air plus and a top and bottom heat has. And I'm so happy! Since yesterday it is installed and finally finally I can go back to the bread baking and prepare a new sourdough, which I have so far missed painfully.