Goethe's favorite: green sauce

Today I had a big appetite for a favorite children's meal: Green Sauce!
Once known as the "Frankfurt Green Sauce", you have to be hell-bent today to use this term if you do not use the right sized ingredients. The term is now protected.
For me, it's just "Mom's Green Sauce", so.
As a native of Hessin, I grew up with Goethe's favorite food. Green Sauce was also one of the first dishes I made myself as a kid.

I still remember the Saturday Market Days when I'm with Mom bought the herbs. The gabs of course freshly harvested and wrapped in paper at every greengrocer.
This is something else here in the Rhineland, but at least this time of year (Maundy Thursday is off) you get here, too
Only the following 7 herbs are allowed: parsley, chives, chervil, sorrel, watercress, pimpinelle and borage!
the protected name tens of different recipes, which should have been all original and all Goethe's favorite food. Who knows, maybe he'd rather have something completely different.
But it does not matter. I've been making my green sauce for almost 20 years as Mama taught me (mom is actually American, but grew up in Hesse and I'm pretty sure the market woman had her fingers in the game and her favorite recipe for "Grie Soß "has divulged.
For 2 (hungry) to 4 (normalessende) persons:
2 hard-boiled eggs peel. Halve the eggs, squeeze the yolks out of the egg whites and place in a large bowl.
1 tbsp/b> add to the egg yolk and stir to a creamy porridge. Basically, you made your mayonnaise with it, but I'm decadent and add 1 El Mayo extra and stir it all up.
Add 2 cups (a 200g) of sour cream or sour cream (I prefer sour cream) and mix thoroughly.
1 large gherkin Dice and mix very finely.
1 bunch of green sauces herbs (also available in TK) finely chop and stir in.
Finely chop the egg whites and mix in the sauce
Season with salt and pepper .
I like to eat green sauce puree with boiled potatoes.
If I'm in my old home but I also like to go to the Tafelspitz.
A great easy dish that I really like to mate completely and then eat lukewarm. Like a kid.