Imitation: No-Knead-Bread - Or: Me and the Trends

I admit, I'm an absolute late bloomer in cooking trends.

Except maybe for cupcakes, I got there early.
Otherwise I usually do what I feel like and search my dishes myself. Often, following trends is not mine, and I'd rather do something on my own.
That's a thing on mobile phones as well. It was time for a contract extension and I wanted to have a new phone with buttons that can only be used to make phone calls and text messages. Who needs smartphones or something?
Well, then things turned out differently and, thanks to my sweetheart, I got the latest from the latest, a premium-class smartphone. And what should I say? I do not want to miss it anymore for heaven's sake. Alone because of the budget book app, my recipe converter, etc., etc. On the go check emails? Sure, why not! Welcome to the mobile phone 2.0.
So you have to make me aware of trends, then I often find them pretty good and justified.

One of my Favorite blog is that of the sweet Simone: Pi mal Butter
Great, unobtrusive design, brilliant photos and unusual and special recipes. I like to use them as a suggestion, as for example for the Mediterranean vegetable menu.
Gaaanz at the beginning, when her blog was still young, there was an entry from Simone to the No-Knead-Bread. She was not the first, but her photo and her great description have so addressed me, that I had to bake exactly this bread. And what can I say, Simone, this time I really stuck to your instructions!
That's why there is no recipe from me today - Simone's recipe is great!
Das goes really well and tastes great. I have served it with antipasti and eaten roasted with salt butter. Just yummy!
a fresh loaf of bread cools after the Baking from
It's not that I have not baked bread so far - on the contrary! I love the two Bertinet books and had a sourdough in the fridge for a long time. I've got a bunch of soda baskets and a jade brick with bullet boards and I've tried a lot of bread.
I just do not know anything like this fast-moving bread that can handle so little yeast ...
And what a pity that I have noticed this trend so late again. For that, I'm taking full advantage of it, even though it might be out for others.
the bleed of the freshly baked no-bread bread